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Second Skin talks about the emotional ties and nature of extension of self through relationships with objects, assuming an investigation into the creation of these links as a process of self-construction of the self and identity, as generated from unidirectional extension of the psyche and body .


Second Skin pieces show these links, revealing its construction processes  and showing the stages of reality where it can accommodate, being in some  cases a first moment of fullness and subsequent recollection or a single  state. The pieces in Second Skin can be formed in various ways, as there  isn't a unique piece, but a procedural project capable of opening more or  less ambitious pieces. However all of them have common characteristics that  are the identifying features of Second Skin, clearly showing their  membership of the project: working with fabrics made manually in knitted  wool or crocheted, which behave as containers of objects, uniting the same  with that or those of which represents an extension, and the serial character  of each of the pieces.

I eventually concluded that the importance of these links goes far beyond  what today we can assume, involving multiple areas of thinking and being in  the moment among the most important areas of scientific studies. Second  Skin working with established relationships to certain objects and why they  are established, I must admit after this formal research and human values  that may come to influence our emotions and the fact that these values can  be (and are) manipulated by humans, so much to condition us without  question.

Work's Process

Conceptual Map

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